Interested in helping the Grid or the Club? Here are the list of open positions:

Mall Manageravailable
Club Equinox Manageravailable
Club Equinox Head Mistressavailable
Club Equinox Hostess Sundayavailable
Club Equinox Hostess Tuesdayavailable
Club Equinox Hostess Thursdayavailable
Club Equinox DJ SundayDJ Golbez
Club Equinox DJ TuesdayDJ Edison Rex
Club Equinox DJ ThursdayDJ Latex

Equinox Grid is a no money grid. This means that staff are not compensated financially. Some staff will be entitled to a free sim with one 1024×1024 (4×4) region with 30,000 prim allotment. To have a sim, you must be a Citizen.

Some positions require a Citizen account, and all Citizens are required to pass a Citizenship Test.

Mall Manager

The Mall manager is responsible for filling and organizing all of the contents at EQG Mall.

The Mall Manager is entitled to a free sim. The Mall Manager is required to be a Citizen.

Club Equinox Manager

The Club Manager is responsible for promoting and advertising the Club. The Club Manager is also responsible for ensuring events run smoothly, to include covering DJs should a DJ need to be absent.

The Club Manager is entitled to one free sim. The Club Manager is a premade Citizen. The Club Manager is a system Ruth avatar, and will remain as such.

Club Equinox Head Mistress

The Head Mistress is the Lead Hostess. The Head Mistress is responsible for ensuring a Hostess is covering each entire event. The Head Mistress will fill-in for Hostesses where needed.

Chain of Command wise, the Head Mistress falls under the Club Manager.

The Head Mistress is entitled to one free sim. The Head Mistress must be a Citizen.

Club Equinox Hostess

A Hostess is the social promoter of the Club’s atmosphere. If the conversation is dead, or going in negative vibe territory, the Hostess needs to be able to steer the conversation.

The Hostess is required to courteous. Must greet and thank visitors, regardless of your personal feelings toward them.

A Hostess must be regularly able to attend the entire event they are covering. Leaving in the middle of an event without prior notice is a terminating offense. You will keep the Head Mistress informed of when you can and cannot be on duty.

A Hostess does not need to be a Citizen, however if they stay longer than six months, they should consider being a Citizen.

A Hostess that stays with the club for at least six months, may be entitled to a free sim.

Club Equinox DJ

Your job is to spin tunes, obviously. But there is far more to being a DJ than just spinning tunes. You should be able to steer the crowd, control the highs and lows, fast vs slow. A DJ should also be knowledgeable about the tunes they spin, but try to not to give too much information. A DJ should be involved with the crowd, not just hit the play button on Mixxx or SAM and leave.

A DJ does not need to be a Citizen, and is not entitled to a free sim.

However after six months, the DJ is entitled to a free sim and should become a Citizen.