General Grid Information and Rules can be found here.

Maturity Ratings

There is quite a bit of debate about the three Region Maturity Ratings across the Hypergrid. Equinox Grid is an Adult grid. No child avatars are permitted anywhere on EQG. General Rating: No Parcel or Region on Equinox Grid will ever be General Rated. Moderate Rating: Only Tasteful Nudity is permitted, sex in not permitted on Moderate locations. Adult Rating: Most locations on EQG are fully adult, where nudity and sex are permitted.

Grid Maintenance

Typically, every week, Saturday 23:00 to Sunday 08:00 grid time, Grid Maintenance is performed. The grid will be shut down, maintenance performed, and then the grid will be restarted. Maintenance can take 30 to 120 minutes to complete. Equinox Grid will not be available during this time. A two-minute warning is issued before the grid is shutdown.


Website access does not give Grid access. Is a completely, totally separate system. Equinox Grid is a closed-registration grid. Only Admin Aubrey can create new accounts. New accounts are NOT just given to anyone who wants one. I only intend to give accounts to individuals with a vested interest in Equinox Grid. I even intend to establish a Citizenship Test.

No Drama

It seems like a no-brainer. Who wants drama? Really. But, it seems, there are those people that look to cause drama. Some are melodramatic. We just want to have a good time. Of course, we are all individuals and differences of opinions occur. How those differences are handled matters. Be civil. If you must argue, argue in IM or take your argument off-grid.

No Children or Child Avatars

Equinox Grid is an Adult grid. Every region, every sim, every estate, every parcel is adult. There is no place for real people under the age of 18 on Equinox Grid. There is no place for avatars looking as though they are under the age of 18 on Equinox Grid. Unfortunately, to allow avatars that look under the age of 18 on the grid infers that Equinox Grid supports child pornography, which it does not.