Welcome to Equinox Grid Website

This site is meant to be a fairly logical layout of grid information. Everything you could want to know should be answered on this website.

If you are Citizen, and need to do Citizen activities such as change your password, that is the other direction on the root webpage. You may access it here:

SACS goes RP

SACS is in the process of being converted to a Roleplaying System.

“Teaser” Release is Available

SACS “Teaser” Release is available at Steampunk Festival in the Hall in the Air Vehicle Shop.

More SACS is coming soon…

Club Equinox Schedule

equinoxgrid.net:8002:Club Equinox


2pm to 4pm – DJ Golbez

4pm to 6pm – DJ Hannah

Hard hitting Sundays with Hard Rock and Heavy Metal


2pm to 4pm – DJ Edison Rex

Plays your Favorite tunes and Requests


2pm to 4pm – DJ Becca

The Queen of Trance ignites your pre-weekend party

Grid Events