Welcome to Equinox Grid Website

If you are unfamiliar with Opensimulator, I recommend you click these: opensimulator.org and osgrid.org

If you are unfamiliar with Second-Life, I recommend you click this: https://secondlife.com/

Equinox Grid is an Opensimulator Grid. A “Grid” is a 2D map of virtual world regions, where players can build, chat and explore virtual environments. Regions may be neighbors, where you can simply walk from one to another, or very distant from each other, where you teleport to another distant region. The ‘Hypergrid’ is a mechanism where you can visit other grids. There are many, many OpenSim Grids, such as: OSgrid, Discovery Grid, Alternate Metaverse Grid, etc.

My Grid, my virtual world made of virtual regions, is named Equinox Grid. To learn about the name choice, you can read “Why Equinox?“.

Grid rules can be found in the above navigation menu under “INFO”. You can also read about Equinox Grid’s “current events” or “blog” in the above navigation menu under “NEWS”.

Instead of banishing you to a cornfield until you accept the TOS, by remaining on Equinox Grid you are certifying that you agree to abide by the rules set forth within the "INFO" section of this website.

Noone can make or register for an Equinox Grid account. Only Admin Aubrey can create user accounts for Equinox Grid. If you are seriously interested in obtaining an Equinox Grid user account, there are three main ways to contact me. The best is to come from another grid via the hypergrid and say hi. You can register for a website account and message me via the website. Or, you may email me at xariaaubrey1972@gmail.com.

To become a Citizen of Equinox Grid, you must pass a Citizenship Test and you must contribute in some positive way to Equinox Grid. You must also abide by all Grid Rules. Very few individuals successfully acquire an Equinox Grid Citizenship.

Equinox Grid was originally established to give Club Equinox a permanent home, however its primary purpose is to give me something to tinker with.

– Admin Aubrey

PLEASE NOTE: creating a Website account will NOT create an Equinox Grid account, on either grid. I must manually create user accounts, and I am very selective about who or whom will get a user account on either grid. I actually even have a Citizenship Test.

- Admin Aubrey

If you are Citizen, and need to do Citizen activities such as change your password, please choose the correct Citizens’ Page. You may access it here:

Grid Events

Club Equinox

equinoxgrid.com:8002:EQG Club Equinox

2024.02.25Monsters Ball @EQG Special Events
2024.03.17St Patrick’s Day w/ DJ Golbez
2024.03.31EOM Tribute Hour: Larkin Poe
2024.04.14Mid-Month w/ DJ Golbez
2024.04.28EOM Tribute Hour: Minniva
2024.05.12Mid-Month w/ DJ Golbez
2024.06.16Beach Formal @EQG Special Events
2024.06.30EOM Tribute Hour: Lzzy Hale
2024.07.14Mid-Month w/ DJ Golbez
2024.07.28EOM Tribute Hour: Dio Black Sabbath
2024.08.18Birthday Parties w/ DJ Golbez
2024.09.15Mid-Month w/ DJ Golbez
2024.09.29EOM Tribute Hour: Megadeth
2024.10.13Halloween Shack w/ DJ Golbez
2024.10.20Halloween Shack w/ Xaria
2024.11.10Veteran’s Day w/ DJ Golbez
2024.11.24EOM tribute Hour: Man-o-War
2024.12.22Xmas Hangout
2024.12.24Xmas Eve 8-Hour Hangout