Steampunk Airship Combat System

I have been sailing with Modee Parlez, and the rest of the crew, over at Loose Cannon on Discovery Grid for a while now. It is challenging fun trying to sink them pirates. I have had to do my share of swimming as well. The group is made of Continental Navy and Pirates lobbing cannonballs at each other while maneuvering their sailing ships into position. Modee comes up with many fun games for us, definitely worth checking out.

I wanted to create a similar system for Steampunk Airships.

I will make my SACS freely available at Steampunk Festival, in the Air Vehicle Shop. The packages I make available at Steampunk Festival, I intend to be open-source, full-perm, etc.

I plan for the first “teaser” release to be placed at Steampunk Festival mid-January. I plan to hold a release party at SF as well; at the club on top of the Rec Center. Of course, this is tentative.

Two Airships docked at a Skydock.
Up-close at the top of the Skydock.

News as of 2021 Apr 15: I am presently converting SACS into a Roleplaying Game. Utilizing information from OGL Steampunk and Victoriana, and of course, my own information, I am creating a Roleplaying System to use Corzia and all of my SACS. The Airship combat games will not need to be roleplayed, however roleplaying may use the Airships.