October Update

My apologies – it has been quite a while since I last posted an update. Real Life got a hold of me, chewed me up and spit me out.

The new grid update project is on hold – not sure when that will be continued.

Club Equinox’s event schedule has been greatly reduced. Club Equinox will only have one event per month. A mid-month Sunday party. This October, this event will be our Halloween party but will actually be held on EQG Special Events region – but it is still an EQG Club Equinox party. This Halloween party will be October 17th, 3pm to 5pm grid time. Please check the Event post on this website for more information.

November’s Club Equinox party will be held November 21st, and rumors may have been saying the Mystery DJ will be DJ Max Drake; but shhh – it’s just a rumor. November’s party will be held at the main club, EQG Club Equinox.

Between RL, SACS, RP’ing with Ravenquest, partying with the Tribe on the weekends, and making stuff for the upcoming holidays, I have been very busy.

Wish you and yours Happy Holidays this year.

See ya across the Hypergrid… somewhere… out there… lol

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