Equinox Grid 2022

The NEW Equinox Grid is up and running. The websites have been added or modified to implement these changes. If you are a citizen on BOTH Equinox Grids, be sure to pay attention to WHICH Citizens Page you are using, before changing your grid account password!

Equinox Grid 2019 is the old grid, and Equinox Grid 2022 is the new grid.

EQG19 is still using Opensim Release version EQG22 is using the recently released version

Instead of upgrading the old grid, a new grid was created primarily to purge the database of unwanted, bloating items. However, the new grid, EQG22, will NOT have EQG Mall. EQG Mall will remain on the old grid, EQG19, but will not be accessible to the public. If you want access to EQG Mall, I will have to add your avatar to the access rights list.

EQG22 has been reduced in size. The grid now contains only the 5×5 main grid area, a couple of my development areas, a few citizen lands, and of course, the club area which now includes both Club Equinox and Special Events.

January’s Club Equinox on the 23rd will be held at Club Equinox on the OLD grid, EQG19; the beacon will still direct there.

February’s Monsters Ball on the 20th will be the first event on the new grid and will double as EQG22’s Open House.

EQG22: equinoxgrid.com:8002

EQG19 (old): equinoxgrid.net:8002

Because the two separate grid urls are nearly identical, your DNS may have a little trouble at first finding equinoxgrid.com. Please try to access the website first.

I will not activate OSW beacons on the new grid, EQG22, until February 1st.

1 thought on “Equinox Grid 2022

  1. Admin Aubrey
    Admin Aubrey says:

    Nearly May 1st of 2022 and the new Equinox Grid seems to be running well. The old grid only has a few places still running and that server is also hosting EQG Radio.

    OSW beacons are active for the main regions on the new grid.

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