State of the Grid

Due to a certain griefer, I have reorganized Equinox Grid. There are now only four public regions: EQG Welcome Area, EQG Steampunk Festival, EQG Club Equinox and EQG Special Events. Everything on these public regions is locked down, and regularly archived.

In order for an avatar to be able to visit any other region on the grid, that avatar must be invited to the corresponding group. The non-public regions are kind of arranged into a sub-grid type layout. As an example, in order to access the new SACS Aytherfell regions, you must be in and wear the SACS group tag while within Aytherfell.

Club Equinox and Special Events look and feel normal, and should not give any one any other troubles, except the normal Hypergrid issues, of course.

Typically of late, Club Equinox schedule has been, and will be, our main event is held on a Sunday near or around mid-month and a tribute hour near the last Sunday of the month. However, this February, and potentially every February in the future, the Tribute Hour will be Vday & Bdays. The last Sunday of February will be Monsters Ball.

That is all.

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