One Year History of Equinox Grid

Around October 2019, Becca Kershaw, the Owner of Club Equinox, and I decided it was time to move the Club away from then Zindraya Grid. We had been considering other grids. I, Xaria Aubrey, had always wanted to have my own grid. So, I researched the feasibility of putting together a grid. A Contabo server was reasonably priced. I began.

A pretty steep learning curve, learning Ubuntu Linux, Opensim on an actual linux server, Apache, mysql, and all the other requirements. My first standalone, I had connection issues. Snik taught me about Linux Firewall and ufw. The middle of October, I had a HG-enable standalone functioning; I secured my domain. By November 2019, I had the first iteration of the actual grid up and running.

Each region on Equinox Grid 01 was standard sized: 256×256 or 1×1.

The primary goal was to have a new, stable home for Club Equinox, of course. Another goal for the grid was to have a sailable grid, complete with waterways.

Built the new Club Equinox, version 3.0 (I am told). Came out beautiful.

But, alas, I started to learn that for a sailable grid, 256 sized regions, 1x1s were way too small.

So, January I began Equinox Grid 02. The base region size was increased to 1024, 4×4. Much better for sailing. Turned out much better for many other places like the Mall as well.

February 2020 is the official birthday of Equinox Grid 02, the present grid.

Mid-October is EquinoxGrid.Net Day, both the to celebrate the inception and the domain.

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