Grid Upgrade to 9.2.x

As some of you know, Opensim 9.2.0 is currently still in development phase. Many chose to employ the nightly builds. However, I intend to wait until the official stable release is available before I update the entire grid.

I am considering using my second server to install the upgraded grid. Instead of EquinoxGrid.Net, it would become EquinoxGrid.Com. Presently, the grid resides on EquinoxGrid.Net and EQG Radio is using EquinoxGrid.Com. While which uses which is fairly arbitrary, it may make more sense for the grid to be on EquinoxGrid.Com and the radio to use EquinoxGrid.Net.

However, the real benefit of the swap would be in the new grid. The upgraded 9.2.x grid could be made functional without disrupting the current 9.0.1 grid. This has many advantages, some of which are:

  • Preserve the working grid
  • Test and setup the new grid to ensure stability
  • Easier for people to secure what does not transfer by OARs and IARs
  • Purge trash from the database

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