SACS goes RP

I am presently converting my SACS into an RP system. Utilizing information from Victoriana and OGL Steampunk, and of course my info, I am turning SACS into an RP. However, I am unsure how many “rules” I need to employ nor how much points data to use. I am not seeking to turn this RP into an RPG. It will not have scripted missions and a Player Management system. Instead, it is intended to be a realm for roleplaying to take place, with a game master ‘running’ a campaign.

Both an RPG and RP utilize some sort of Character Datasheet to contain information about a player character, even non-player characters. If need be, I can make a character database on my server and interface with it in-world. But again as previously mentioned, how much is done in-world and how much is done by ‘rolls’ as in a RP. In-world, in Opensim, it is difficult to give avatars different traits, skills and abilities. Everyone, as far as Opensim is concerned, jumps the same, for example. Does the RP System ignore Opensim?

For more information, please explore the SACS RP link on the Home Page.

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