Aytherfell – Xyrzia

Pronounced: AAther-fehl Ehks-eyer-zeeuh

Aytherfell is the name of the Role-Play system. 
Xyrzia is the name of the realm where all the lands (regions) exist within. 
The people are known as Xyrsians.

The current evolution of my SACS. The huge 16×16 Corzia has become unusable. It is simply too large of a scene with too many objects in the graphics pipeline. A new realm, with a new name was required. Xyrzia was born.

So, what am I talking about?

Aytherfell is my cyber-steampunk RPG using Opensim on Equinox Grid. While Aytherfell is a cyber-steampunk style RPG, it is NOT based on humanity or humanity’s past nor future.

I use a variety of sourcebooks inter-mingled with my dangerous mind. Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, OGL Steampunk and Victoriana are the sourcebooks I have used for “rules” and content.

Aytherfell RPG system is


Admin Aubrey

This entire system is still under construction. I need to see what is possible and practical with Opensim. For example, inventory. Within Opensim / Firestorm’s inventory, there is no “stacking”. For example, if you have 100 coins in your inventory in Opensim, you will have literally 100 coin objects within your inventory. You cannot merge two coins to make an object of 2 coins. Additionally, to know what armor you have decided to wear. Has your armor been hacked? Many, many issues exist within Opensim to prevent it from being a good RPG system. Perhaps I can use my server and some server coding to manage an RPG style inventory system, if not a complete RPG system.

If you are interested in learning more about Aytherfell RPG System on Equinox Grid, please click the button below.

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